Southwest Montana is becoming known as “the Mecca of fly-fishing in the lower US.” Our area has some of the most famous rivers in the West. The Big Hole, Beaverhead, Jefferson, Ruby, and Madison rivers are known as world-class blue ribbon rivers. The big benefit of fly fishing Southwest Montana is the diversity of rivers that are at our disposal, that can rescue a fly fishing trip that may be doomed by the weather or runoff. While one river may be running high and muddy, an angler can venture to another nearby river that is running crystal clear. No matter the time of year, our location in Southwest Montana will always have the best opportunity for the traveling angler.

big_hole_river_fishingThe Big Hole River in Southwest Montana

When you think of fly fishing Montana, you instinctively envision the Big Hole River. Ranked Montana’s #1 freestone river with 150 miles of fishable water, a large population of brown, rainbow trout that readily eat the DRY! and the scenery isn’t bad either. Read More >>

The Beaverhead River in Dillon, Montana

This nutrient-rich tailwater holds some of the biggest trout in the state.  It’s not uncommon at all to catch several fish over 20 inches in a day. Mainly a brown trout fishery with the exception of the “huge” rainbows that make up the first 10 miles from the dam. Be sure to have your camera along—fish caught on the Beaverhead are often picture-worthy. Read More >>

The Madison River in Ennis, Montana

The Madison river also known as the 50 mile riffle, is probably the most famous of all rivers in Montana. Guided Fishing on the Upper Madison From Lyon’s Bridge to the town of Ennis, Montana is the drift boat section and the preferred section to fish. Fishing the Madison should be on everyone’s bucket list. Read More >>

The Missouri River in Craig, Montana

The Missouri River in Montana is gaining popularity as the #1 destination river in North America. Imagine a very large spring creek with over 7,000 fish per mile, mega hatches and hard fighting rainbow trout. Read More >>

No Tell’em around Southwest Montana

Sometimes traveling off the beaten path is what the day calls for! Lifelong knowledge we like to share

The Bitterroot River in Hamilton, Montana

The “Root” as our Bitterroot Guides call it, is teaming with native Westslope Cutthroats that will crush a dry, pretty much all season. If you are into dry/dropper in the morning hours and single or double dries in the afternoon interest you, put the Bitterroot on your to-do-list. Read More >>


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